Some Dim Sum

Gaining new perspectives on breakfast at Yuanzhiyuan restaurant.

We rolled around Kileleshwa at about 8:30a.m. on the cold Saturday morning eager for some breakfast. What we didn’t know is what kind of breakie we’d be having. Yuanzhiyuan  is a 7 month old restuarant that serves traditional Chinese food. It is here that we had our first experience with Dim Sum.

Dim Sum  refers to small bite-sized portions of food served on small plates. It is served between 5:00 a.m. and brunch hours. Most people were expecting the local Kenyan tea and mandazis for breakfast but were utterly surprised (delightfully so) to be served rounds and rounds of small meals. What’s more, we got to eat with chopsticks. Tutorials were in abundance.

It’s as complex as it looks

Here was our breakfast menu:

Shanghai Steamed Bun
Spring Rolls
Chicken Fired dumplings
Vegie Rice Sesame Ball

Mango Glutinous Rice ball

Cold Dishes
Sweet and Sour Pork Spare Ribs
Sliced Snow pea Salad
Sauce Crisp Radish
Songhua Egg & Tofu salad

Main Dish
Cantonese Porridge
Pok Choy with Mushroom
Stewed Beef with Radish

Our Dim Sum was accompanied by a tea ceremony. The Chinese way of preparing tea is so particular and is a highly treasured process. It is an art.

Watching the art of preparing Chinese tea

There is so much abundance in the world, that it’d be a shame to not try out something from a different culture. Doing so will help you discover different flavours, different cooking styles and broaden your food spectrum.

It can be difficult to try something new especially with your palate but go ahead and be more adventurous, it may be highly rewarding.


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