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Sonko:Congestina Achieng will be back in competitive boxing soon

The former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has disclosed that the legendary Kenyan female boxer Conjestina Achieng’ will be back in the ring soon following positive recovery progress after undergoing rehabilitation at the Mombasa Women Empowerment Network Hospital in Miritini. 

Sonko who on Sunday sponsored a boxing fight in an event that brought together the former Boxing champion nicknamed “Hands of Stone” and the World Boxing Council (WBC) super bantamweight champion Fatuma Zarika reiterated his commitment of supporting sporting activities in the country.

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“Earlier today I was honoured to attend a friendly boxing match I organised in between two of the best female boxers kenya has ever produced, Conjestina Achieng and Fatuma Zarika.The aim of the boxing challenge that happened at Mombasa Women Hospital, Miritini was to initiate Conjestina back to her passion and talent after undergoing treatment at the Mombasa women hospital.” read part of his statement on Twitter.

“Conje’s story is one of a fighter’s spirit that refuses to be extinguished. Despite facing personal challenges and setbacks in life, she has emerged back stronger and more determined than before. Throughout her rehabilitation journey, Conjestina has shown incredible strength, both physically and mentally. Her unwavering commitment to better herself has inspired alot of youths that were almost giving up in life” he added.

Zarika lauded Sonko for walking the journey with the former World Boxing Association middleweight champion Congestina who had been suffering from mental illness since 2011 when she was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder.

“To all those who have stood with my sister led by the former Nairobi county boss we say a big thank you.She is one of the pioneer female boxing fighters and introduced,inspired many to this beautiful game and it feels great seeing her make this fashionable comeback to the sport.I wish her the best for the future” Zarika alias the Iron Fist remarked.

Her words were echoed by the Mombasa Women Empowerment Network Hospital Chairperson Amina Abdalla who noted that the pugilist from Siaya is fully healed after completing her rehabilitation program.

“She is now fit and fully healed and we are glad she can go back to the ring,we will continue monitoring her progress to ensure that she doesn’t backslide” said Ms Abdalla

Last year,the philanthropist politician who took the boxer to rehab after calls from his son Charlton Otieno and photos showing the deplorable state of the ex iconic sports woman went viral offered her a job as the head of security in his prestigious restaurant and clubbing joint at the Coast.

“This time round we are not releasing her to go back to Siaya. Immediately, she is discharged after fully recovering, I have already prepared a good plan for her where she will also be earning a salary. She will be the overall assistant head of security and head of all female bouncers at Club Volume Mombasa at night & during peak hours/holidays. She will also serve as the head trainer in all the gyms in our establishments (Salama Bling Beach Resort, Kimeremeta Safari Lodge etc…). As a long term measure, we are intending to open for her a boxing training centre where she will be coaching boxing.” he posted on his social media account.

She became the first African to clinch an international title as the middleweight champion in the Women’s International Boxing Federation (WIBF),an achievement that made her dominate media space, with her promoters trying to slot in interviews and endorsements in her busy schedule for companies that fought to have her as a brand

“She loved her thing. Boxing was her passion, and she was one of the most dedicated people I have worked with.In the ring, she was brutal, fast and calculating. Her opponents feared her blow, with some bowing out before end of matches. The wins were many, punctuated by camera clicks and curious boxers who wondered how she does it,” says her former coach Julius Odhiambo, reminiscing about Conjestina’s past glory.

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