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Sonkoi Lemein: A champion of development and inclusivity in Narok politics


In the vibrant political landscape of Narok County, Hon. Sonkoi Lemein emerges as a beacon of progress, advocating fervently for development and inclusivity.

With a solid educational foundation from Egerton University and a Master’s degree in Development Studies from JKUAT University, Hon. Lemein brings both knowledge and passion to his role as a rising political leader.

Beginning his journey as a graduate of Egerton University, Hon. Lemein swiftly ascended the political ranks, securing victory as the Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Ololulunga ward under the UDA party.

His commitment to serving his constituents with integrity and vision earned him further accolades, leading to his unopposed election as the leader of the Majority in the Narok County Assembly.

Hon. Lemein’s influence extends beyond party lines, as demonstrated in his pivotal role during the recent UDA party grassroots elections. Collaborating with fellow leaders, he orchestrated a successful campaign that saw His Excellency the Governor elected as the Chairperson of Narok County, garnering an impressive 7598 delegates out of 9191 elected representatives across 581 polling stations.

What sets Hon. Lemein apart is not just his political acumen but also his unwavering dedication to driving meaningful change.

He is a staunch advocate for development, spearheading initiatives aimed at improving infrastructure, healthcare, and education within Narok County.

Hon. Sonkoi Lemein

Furthermore, his commitment to inclusivity is evident in his efforts to ensure that all voices, especially those of marginalized communities, are heard and represented in decision-making processes.

As he charts the course for Narok County’s future, Hon. Sonkoi Lemein stands as a catalyst for progress and a voice for the people. His advocacy for development and inclusivity serves as a testament to his leadership ethos, inspiring hope and unity among constituents and positioning him as a transformative force in the political landscape of Narok County.

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