Sportfishing with Grand Mapepe at Diani

Sportfishing or deep–sea fishing is a fun travel activity you might want to try on your next open sea trip


Like tennis, sportfishing is a life-long pursuit for enthusiasts. Never heard of it? Sport fishing is also referred to as recreational fishing which is fishing for pleasure or competition. Enthusiasts claim that nothing quite compares to the thrill of deep-sea fishing.

Deep-sea fishing is also considered a fun travel activity to try when you’re next out in the open sea. Sound like a plan? Well, all you need is a ticket to Diani and an appointment with Grand Mapepe Sportfishing.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a master of the rod or new to the sport, Grand Mapepe Sportfishing will ease you into the exciting sport that can only be practised far off the coast of the Indian Ocean. Grand Mapepe Sportfishing is located in Diani, Kwale County and they offer deep-sea sportfishing and cruise charters with different hour packages.


Fishing trips are normally scheduled in the early morning which is ideal if you’re looking to experience catching one during the feeding frenzy. Their vessel Dreamcatcher, aptly named, is specially customized to offer the utmost in safety and comfort while accommodating friends, family, work associates and couples.

Not only will the team at Grand Mapepe Sportfishing schedule your trip at the best times, but they will also provide you with state of the art equipment like tiagra rods. Their promise is to make sure that all its customers enjoy themselves and have an unforgettable day filled with enough sea action to last until your next trip. During the trip, the team provides chilled soft drinks and snacks and alcoholic beverages are provided on request although you are allowed to carry your own. As for baits, they have strips, live fish and a wide range of tackles which are available on board.

Keeping in mind that you’ll be on a boat for most of the morning, you still need to have a few things in your bag like sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and a camera! I mean, how else are you going to brag about the big fish you just caught? The Indian Ocean waters are habitable to a variety of fish like Marlin, Broadbill, Sailfish, Kingfish, Dorado, Tuna, Cobia, Giant Trevally, Barracuda, Wahoo among others.


Dreamcatcher is fitted with the latest amenities, including a kitchen, dining area, toilet, bathroom and a bedroom. The vessel carries a maximum of eight clients and four crewmembers. The captain and his crew are committed to offering passengers the time of their lives, as the craft cruises the gorgeous waters of the Indian Ocean in search of its next big catch.

If you’re looking for an offshore charter fishing trip, you should know that they are dependent on good weather and calm seas. Inshore charter fishing from Diani is a great travel experience that will help you get your sea legs especially if you are prone to motion sickness.

Grand Mapepe Sportfishing offers 2 to 8-hour trips and in between cruises within the south coast area for dolphin watching and boats for hire for parties. For a more sombre experience such as an ash scattering ceremony, the sea trips take anywhere from 1-2 hours on request depending on the service you would prefer.

Intrigued? Visit for more information on schedules and rates.



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