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Sports for Climatic action, 7,000 trees planted to mark 70th WRC Safari Rally anniversary


Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba has hailed the role of sports in mitigating climate action saying Kenya is on the right path in the push for de-carbonization of the environment.

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The CS on Monday led hundreds in marking the 70th anniversary of WRC Safari Rally in the country by planting a total of 7,000 trees at Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani, Nairobi.

Namwamba led participants at Sports for Climate Action and wellness day in planting a total of 7,000 trees to symbolize the seven decades the Safari Rally has been a leg on the World Rally Championship.

The tree planting exercise a joint venture by the Ministry and Safari Rally project seeks to plant a total of 19 million trees as part of the greening project as well climatic mitigation…

‘’Kenya is already recognized globally because of the activities we are undertaking as a thought leader in sports for climate action, we are already rated highly. I was in Monaco for the flagging off of the WRC season, the subject I was given to make speech on was exploring motor sports as a driver for climate action, I saw the honor accorded to Kenya as a leader in climate action and as the ministry that’s a core agenda for us.’’, said Ababu.

As part of the enduring legacy of WRC Safari Rally,the International Federation Automobile,FIA is set to establish a rallying school at Moi Kasarani in efforts to nurture upcoming Kenyan rally drivers.

Meanwhile The cabinet secretary has called for adoption of cycling as a mode of transport saying this will help de-cabonise and de-congest the city urging for a mind shift and embrace modesty…..

‘‘We also elevating cycling as a form of transport to de-cabonise the cities.The action u saw of myself on a bike riding a bicycle from Maktaba Kuu,the Ministry’s headquarters for 15km to Kasarani Stadium is part of that message that we must cut the cabon emisions and one way to do that is get on our bikes. The message we are sending to the country get out of that mindset where we believe the bigger the car the cool you are’’,Ababu remarked

Meanwhile Ababu flagged off two cultural troupes which are set to participate in cultural exchange forums in Serbia and USA respectively…

The visit by the two groups Ababu said will help cement relations brtween the countries.

The 2023 Safari Rally whiose five stages will be broadcast live on KBC Channel One is set to rev off this Thursday at Uhuru Park before heading to Naivasha for the dueling race that has a ttracted a total of 34 drivers.

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