International music streamer Spotify hosted an exclusive dinner to celebrate the platform’s newest feature dubbed ‘jam’ and providing an opportunity for select influencers and media, and learn more about Spotify’s newest feature, Jam. 

Spotify launched Jam – a personalised, real-time listening session for any group of up to 32 people to listen together – at the end of September. Jam builds on some of Spotify’s popular social features such as Blend and Collaborative Playlists, and combines them with the platform’s personalisation features to make listening music in a group even better.

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Held at Inti in Westlands, the exclusive dinner also included a fireside chat led by Miche Atagana, Spotify’s Head of Communications for Sub-Saharan Africa, where the audience had a chance to jam together, once it was started by a premium user.

Speaking at the dinner, Atagana shared “Jam is an opportunity to share moments with your friends. It’s for those moments when someone asks you to take over the aux and instead of it being one person’s taste in music, it’s the whole crew”. 

“Jam is a huge opportunity for discoverability, and is at the core of how Spotify works, allowing you to discover new artists and tracks you may not have known otherwise”, finished Atagana. 

The guests also had a chance to savour a three-course meal at the Peruvian-inspired restaurant, further adding to the magic of the evening. 

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