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Spotify releases AI tool DJ in Kenya

Global music streaming service Spotify has rolled out the Artificial Intelligence tool called DJ into the Keyan market for its premium users.

Taking personalization to the next level and connecting artists and fans in a deeper, more meaningful way, the tool is one among many that is set to change the experience for platform users.

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Since launching in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland earlier this year, DJ has become the most discussed Spotify feature on social media.

What is DJ?

DJ is a personalized AI guide that knows you and your music taste so well that it can choose what to play for you. This feature, first rolling out in beta, will deliver a curated lineup of music alongside commentary around the tracks and artists the listeners will like in a stunningly realistic voice. 

The main goal is to make each listening experience personal to each and every user, thanks to the powerful combination of Spotify’s personalization technology, generative AI and a dynamic, expressive voice. 

At launch, listeners will have the option to hear English language commentary from our initial voice model, Spotify’s own Head of Cultural Partnerships, Xavier “X” Jernigan as the first voice model for the DJ. 

You can find your personal AI DJ by opening the Spotify mobile app on your iOS or Android device. From there, head to your Music Feed on Home and tap play on DJ.

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