A nice, beautiful, relaxing bedroom equals a goodnight’s sleep

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You don’t need a huge budget to make your bedroom look just a little bit elegant and beautiful, you’ll be surprised by how adding a few touches here and there can do the trick.

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Wall Art


You don’t need to buy expensive artwork for this to work, there are various websites that have free photos that you can download, print and frame to make a wall painting. Websites like Unsplash and Pexels are just some of the few that offer free pictures if you are looking for abstract photos. Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration.

If you are more inclined towards arts and craft, you can do plenty with cardboard paper, a pair of scissors, glitter and glue.

Colour coordinate your sheets


The focal point of your bedroom is your bed. Needless to say, keeping your beddings clean is one way to get better sleep but making your bed beautiful will also make you feel good about yourself. Learn how to make your bed professionally.

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Mixing bold and light colours is always a good look; darker sheets and light blankets and duvets will give your bed that comfortable elegant hotel look.

Add a pop of colour


This doesn’t have to be extreme, especially if you are renting. You can do this by adding accent pillows, a carpet/rug or curtains. Just make sure they are colour coordinated and don’t overdo it. There’s a thin line between elegant and gauche.


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Lighting in your bedroom is supposed to be warm and relaxing. You need the lighting to be toned down but still bright enough to allow for dressing, making the bed and everything else. The easiest way to do this in a rented house is to buy a lampshade for the overlight fixture.

Additionally, you can add a bedside lamp or two to complement and enhance the room’s decor.



Believe it or not, storage is important when it comes to making your bedroom look amazing, clutter ruins the best of designs. You can buy storage boxes that are small enough to fit under your bed or stackable ones that can fit in one corner. 


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Plants can do wonders for decor, it’s an additional pop of colour and it brings any room to life. It doesn’t even have to be a real plant.



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