Stakeholders call for consultation on GMOs use

Those opposed to Genetically Modified organisms (GMOs) are calling on the government to explore driving efforts that will see local farmers adopt well to climate change as an option to the lifting the ban on GMOs. 

They are also calling for the release of Professor Kihumbu Thairu report on the adoption of the GMOs.

The government last month hinted at the possibility of adopting GMO Cotton to boost production. However, a section of agriculture experts say adoption of GMO cotton goes against the 2012 ban on GMOs.

Karen Nekesa from African bio diversity network claims GMO Cotton is expensive to grow compared to the traditional cotton and may lead to dependence on multi-nationals to access BT Cotton seeds.

The government is being encouraged to drive efforts that will help local farmers adopt well to effects of climate change effects.

They claim Burkina Faso banned cultivation of BT Cotton after the crop affected the health of animals consuming the BT Cotton stalks.

Currently only South Africa and Egypt have adopted the growing of BT cotton after Burkina Faso banned its cultivation.


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