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Stakeholders lead efforts to disseminate PADV rules in Kenya


The dissemination of the Protection Against Domestic Violence (PADV) Rules is currently underway in Kenya, spearheaded by key stakeholders including the State department for Gender and Affirmative Action, GEM Africa, and the Rules Committee of the Judiciary. 

This critical process is being led by Moses Wanjala, who is at the forefront of ensuring the successful operationalization of the PADV Act, which was enacted in 2015.

The PADV Rules are designed to provide a concrete framework to protect and offer relief to victims of domestic violence, ensuring the law’s robust implementation.

The PADV Rules aim to enhance the access of domestic violence survivors to essential services and justice.

The stakeholders stated their commitment to strengthening partnerships across various sectors to ensure the effective implementation of these rules.

They stated that the collaborative effort was pivotal in addressing the multifaceted needs of survivors, providing them with the necessary legal, psychological, and social support.

By working together, the stakeholders hope to create a more cohesive and supportive environment for those affected by domestic violence.

Additionally, they highlighted a significant focus on raising public awareness about the provisions of the PADV Act.

The stakeholders were actively seeking ways to sensitize citizens on their rights and the available protections under the law.

Through community outreach and educational campaigns, they aimed to foster a greater understanding of domestic violence issues and promote a culture of zero tolerance towards such abuses.


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