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State developing policy on family protection


The government is developing a policy on family protection.

According to the Labour and Social Protection Cabinet Secretary Florence Bore, the policy intends to realise the vision of ‘happy and stable families for a strong society’.

“Families are the individual parts that make up the whole world. Humanity depends on their togetherness”, the CS said during a meeting with Kenya Christian Professional Forum led by Chairman Charles Kanjama.

“Our discussions were focused around the Role of religion in Family, ways to partner in an effort to promote the family, and the aspect of Family-based counseling and psychosocial support” Bore explained.

Once approved the Policy that is built around the recognition of the family as a fundamental social unit will facilitate the implementation of family protection programmes.

Further, the Policy is founded on the key guiding principles of stable marriages, responsible parenting, family diversity, family resilience, community participation, human rights and strong partnerships.

The overall goal of the policy is to provide an environment that recognizes and facilitates family well-being and empowers families to participate in the socio-economic development of the country.

Family Protection and Promotion falls under the mandate of the State Department of Social Protection ministry.