State orders audit of all civilian firearm holders

The government has ordered an audit of all civilian firearm holders with a view of certifying their suitability to own guns.

The three months rigorous exercise to be undertaken by the newly reconstituted firearms licensing board will kick off on 17th of this month.

The process that is meant to curb increased cases of criminality in the country comes amid reports that some licensed gun holders could be working in cahoots with criminal elements.

The government now directing the newly reconstituted fire arms licensing board to conduct fresh vetting of all gun holders beginning the 17th of this month.

The 90-day rigorous verification exercise of  all  firearms  certificates  in  the  country will allow the board to establish,  maintain,  and  monitor  a  centralized  Electronic Register of all private citizens holding firearm.

During the verification excise, Civilian firearm holders will be required to appear in person before  the Firearms  Licensing  Board  for mandatory vetting while anyone in possession of illegal firearms must  surrender  the same to  the  Government  within the 90-day window  notwithstanding  the  authenticity  of  the  license.

Only police officers under the National Police Service, the military personnel under the Kenya Defence Forces, and officers working under the Kenya Wildlife Service and members of other security agencies will be exempted from the vetting exercise.

After the March 17, 2019 deadline, all firearms un-vetted certificates held by civilians will be considered expired and thus invalid.

Meanwhile, government spokesperson Eric Kiraithe is cautioning the youth against the influence of bad elements during the festive season.

Speaking during an award ceremony dubbed ‘lenga ugaidi na talanta’ Kiraithe said radical groups are targeting school going children following a decline in their numbers as a result of the ongoing war on terror.

Kiraithe at the same time called on Kenyans to support the ongoing police reforms that he says are aimed at ensuring professionalism and respect to human rights.


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