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State urged to increase funds for elderly people

Inua Jamii cash transfer programme

The government has been asked to consider increasing the amount paid to elderly people from the current Ksh 2,000 monthly.

A cross-section of the beneficiaries from Ruiru constituency in Kiambu County said the amount which they have been getting for years now is hardly enough to make them meet the high cost of living.

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Many felt that it should be raised to at least Ksh 5,000 a month in relation to the prevailing high standards of living occasioned by skyrocketing inflation.

However, the beneficiaries who were speaking after getting walking aids and food rations from area MP Simon King’ara hailed the Kenya Kwanza administration for introducing registration of the elderly which had stopped in 2017.

The also appealed to the government to pay the stipends paid in time to enable those who are in dire need of food or are on medication to acquire supplies, noting that many of them were going through untold hardships.

King’ara, while appreciating the fact that there may be need to increase the Inua Jamii fund in order to align it with the current economic situation, he rooted for regular payments first.

“I agree that the money may not be sufficient, but personally I believe we should make sure that those who qualify are paid regularly and in time so that they can take care of their most pressing demands,” said the legislator.

He at the same time differed with proposals to reduce constituencies and instead argued that instead Ruiru should be split into two on account of its huge population.


Report by Anthony Kioko

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