Step out of your comfort zones, Mutunga rallies youth to seek political power

Young people in the country have been urged to seek elective positions if they are to have any chance to sit at the decision-making table.

While challenging the youth to provide alternative leadership in the country, Former Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga, charged that this can only be made possible if young people move out of their comfort zones and contest for political power.

“Youth must take up their roles and be change agents because the only way to build a better Kenya is when youth take their rightful place and play their role as active citizens,” He said

Speaking during the launch of the Youth Leagues to champion the agenda of young people at the county and national level, Mutunga rallied the youth to refuse to be misused by politicians and instead chat a new path for a better and more inclusive and just Kenya.

“The moment you are captured by the barons and you are divided then you are no better than them,” he remarked

By establishing youth leagues in all the 47 counties, The Youth Congress hopes to build a strong youth voice and collective action that will help to improve the condition and position of youth at all levels; local and national.

So far, over 500 youth organizations from all the 47 counties have joined the Leagues. The expectation is that the initiatives will give impetus to stronger and better youth organizing in the country.

Convener of The Youth Congress Raphael Obonyo speaks during the launch in Serena Hotel.

The convener of The Youth Congress, Mr. Obonyo, urged the youth to organize to attain real economic and political freedoms and a better tomorrow.

“Nothing can be more important than organizing if Kenyan youth want to change their condition and realize freedoms,” he said

He noted that the youth are suffering largely due to calculated schemes by the political elite who he claimed have been exploiting them for their own selfish interests.

“As we reflect on our history, look towards the present and future Kenya, youth should look at their numbers, energies, talent, potential and power to shape and determine their destiny” he added

Dr Alex Awiti, Vice Provost at the Aga Khan University was also in attendance.

At the same time, Dr Alex Awiti, Vice Provost at the Aga Khan University, called on the youth to change the narrative, and not to look at themselves as victims, but change makers.

“Across the country young people are leading great initiatives. It is inspiring to see many young people stepping up and taking action in different spaces – let us keep the spirit and momentum” said Dr. Awiti

Similarly, Ms. Caren Wakoli, Executive Director of Emerging Leaders Foundation who urged the youth to work together, and ensure that young women are not left behind.

“We must join together if we are to achieve the advancement and development of and for the youth. Without unity, there is no future for the youth. And without robust organization, there is no progress” she said

Emerging Leaders Foundation Executive Director Ms. Caren Wakoli delivers her address during the launch

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