How to store your car properly

A pandemic means driving less or, for some, not using your car at all 

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At some point, we will beat COVID-19, and life will return to normal. In the meantime, if you are not using your vehicle as often or not at all, ‘putting your car away’ properly is the difference between getting it back on the road when you need it and paying for costly repairs.

Changing weather conditions can do a number on your car’s paint job as well as damage your car in less noticeable ways.

Here’s how to make sure your vehicle remains in tip-top condition during this pandemic.

Before you put your car away: –

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-Take it for maintenance, or ask your mechanic to give it a thorough check (oil, oil filter, coolant and all the other usual suspects) before storing it.

-Wash your it thoroughly, both the interior and exterior. Make sure your car’s carpet remains dry; if you can vacuum it or brush it do that rather than washing it with water.

-Once your car is clean, lock it away in your garage/underground parking

-If you don’t have a garage, cover it with a thick cover. You can do this for underground parking as well. Check the cover occasionally to make sure it’s still intact. If possible, build a makeshift garage to partially shield it from the elements.

If you won’t be using it for more than 6 months, you can rent a space from a company like Chunga Mali.

-Keep it in park (for an automatic) or first gear (for a manual).

– Make sure all the windows are closed and block off any openings like exhaust pipes with an old piece of cloth to prevent small animals from making it their new home.

Check-in on your car occasionally


-Don’t forget about it, check-in on it from time to time to make sure nothing is leaking and that the tyre pressure is okay.

-Every 14 days or so start it and let the engine run for approximately 20 minutes to keep your engine healthy.

Driving again

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-Before driving again, check under the hood to make sure everything is in good condition and to ensure nothing is living in your car.

-Check all your fluids, tyres and schedule a routine maintenance check.

-Make sure your brakes are working correctly. VERY IMPORTANT. You don’t want to be that lorry on Mbagathi.


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