Storymoja seeks to set new read aloud world record

The world belongs to Africans who read.

Storymoja is a publishing company started by a collective of writers committed towards publishing contemporary East African writing of world-class standards. Their aim has been to improve the literacy and numeracy levels of Kenyan children by publishing high quality and age appropriate content and nurturing the life-long culture of reading. The company endeavors to promote reading for pleasure by positioning reading as cool, and using the Storymoja Festival platform to bring books to life through various forms of art.

The Storymoja team is calling upon Kenyans to help set a new read aloud world record. This is a world record that is targeted at the most people reading aloud from the same text at the same time in different venues.

On June 15th 2015, the Storymoja read aloud team managed to rally together 229,043 children from 1,097 schools across 44 counties, unofficially breaking the world record. The current world record is held by the USA with 223,363 people in 909 venues. This year, Storymoja will attempt to break the world record while commemorating the day of the African child, on June 16th. Children, in schools and at home, across the 47 counties will simultaneously read an excerpt from the book ‘Attack of the Shidas’.

How to participate:

  • Nominate and/or recruit a school to participate.
  • Purchase the KICD approved Attack of the Shidas books for participating schools (The extract to be read aloud is at the back of the book). Or rally both individuals and corporates to purchase copies of the book. A copy retails for Ksh. 380.
  • Join any of the participating schools as a Reading Ambassador and read aloud with them.
  • Spread the word through your networks and social media platforms.

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