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Strathmore Energy Research Centre launches Africa Green Hydrogen Hub

The launch of the Africa Green Hydrogen Hub at Strathmore University, in collaboration with Curtin University and Griffith University underscores the commitment to harnessing green hydrogen technology for a cleaner, more resilient energy future in Africa and beyond.

From left: Prof. David Mickler, Curtin University, Prof. Xiaotian Zhang, DVC Global, Curtin University, H.E Jenny Da Rin, Australian High Commissioner to Kenya, Dr. Vincent Ogutu, Vice Chancellor, Strathmore University, Prof. Izael Da Silva, DVC Research and Innovation Strathmore University and Dr. Julius Butime, Dean, School of Computing and Engineering, Strathmore University with the signed agreement. PHOTO/COURTESY

Strathmore Energy Research Centre (SERC) has marked a pivotal moment in sustainable energy advancement with the launch of the Africa Green Hydrogen Hub. In collaboration with Curtin University and Griffith University, this ground-breaking initiative sets a new standard in global efforts towards sustainable energy solutions.

The Africa Green Hydrogen Hub represents a paradigm shift towards innovative and sustainable energy practices. It is a testament to the collaborative spirit, uniting academia, industry, and international partners to harness the potential of green hydrogen – a clean and renewable energy source poised to redefine the global energy landscape.

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Hydrogen’s role as a renewable energy carrier is increasingly recognized as vital in transitioning towards cleaner energy systems. By focusing on green hydrogen production, utilizing renewable sources such as solar or wind power, the hub is positioned at the forefront of advancing clean energy technologies across Africa. This initiative aligns seamlessly with global endeavors to combat climate change and curb carbon emissions.

H.E. Jenny Da Rin, Australian High Commissioner to Kenya said the launch exemplifies the power of international cooperation. “There is enormous potential in green hydrogen, yet unlocking and commercializing its potential demands innovation and collective action.  That’s why this partnership is so critical. It is also emblematic of the significant potential in energy cooperation between Australia and East Africa.”

The Africa Green Hydrogen Hub at Strathmore University will serve as a nexus for research, innovation, and collaboration, bringing together a diverse array of stakeholders including researchers, educators, policymakers, and industry leaders. Together, they will explore the transformative potential of hydrogen technology across multiple sectors, including transportation, industry, and power generation.

Dr. Vincent Ogutu, Vice Chancellor of Strathmore University, hailed the launch as a significant milestone towards sustainable energy solutions. He expressed gratitude to Curtin University and Griffith University for choosing Strathmore University for collaboration and said “as a university we are ready to create capacity within Africa, preparing individuals to thrive in this emerging space. We eagerly anticipate the research contributions stemming from the hub and are prepared to engage in collaboration with academic counterparts and peers across the continent.”

In the face of pressing challenges surrounding energy security, environmental sustainability, and economic development, the urgency to transition towards renewable energy sources cannot be overstated. According to the school, the Africa Green Hydrogen Hub stands as a beacon of hope, aiming to address these challenges head-on.

This initiative holds the promise of catalysing sustainable development and driving Africa’s energy transition forward, all while nurturing local expertise and fostering economic growth within the renewable energy sector.

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