Street boys sponsored to undergo circumcision in Kisii town

Street boys in Kisii town had reason to smile after a businessman in the area sponsored them for circumcision. 

An unknown number of initiates aged between 10 and 12 participated in the annual programme held in the local community as a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood.

Male circumcision in the local community has, however, been transformed where the surgical operation is conducted by medics to curb infection from fatal diseases.

Circumcision is recommended medically for reasons of hygiene and to curb contracting or spreading of urinary tract infections besides HIV.

Steve Arika, the sponsor, remarked, most male urchins were reluctant to undergo ‘’the cut’’ for fear of lack of food when they are confined to heal since they fend for themselves.

But Arika assured them of the provision of food and footing of the surgical operation’s bill.

According to the businessman, helping the urchins was a ‘gift’ adding that some people declined to do so claiming it will encourage an upsurge in street life.

He disclosed underway plans to enrol those willing in motorcycle riding courses as a sustainable way of assisting them.

Duke Ombati, a former street boy donated his rural house at Egesa in the outskirts of the town for the initiates’   nursing.

Residents who could not afford to present their eligible sons for the ‘cut’ also benefited from free exercise.


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