Survey: Valentine’s day is commercialized in the name of love

OnePulse-Kenya, an opinion platform, conducted a survey between 24th January and 4th February to get Kenyans’ perception of Valentine’s Day.

The study was conducted through the OnePulse platform and included both male and female respondents from across the 47 counties, aged 18 to 65.

The survey revealed that 39 per cent of Kenyans agreed that Valentine’s day is both a commercialized holiday as well as a celebration of love, 26 per cent think that it is a day commercialized in the name of love, 23 per cent, think the day has everything to do with love while 12 per cent think that the day has nothing to do with love.

Through feedback collected on the OnePulse mobile app, the survey in addition revealed that a majority of Kenyans (30%) would be spending between Ksh 1,000 to Ksh 4,999, 23 per cent would be spending Ksh 5,000 to Ksh 10,000 while 19 per cent would spend less than Ksh 1000.

Further, the survey pointed out that most Kenyans say that Valentine’s Day is harder for people in relationships than it is for single people adding that the responsibility of planning the day should be mostly done together.

As for who is supposed to foot the bill, a good number of Kenyans felt that the bill should be shared amongst the couple while a minority of Kenyans felt that the man should foot the bill.

In terms of gifts, a large majority of Kenyans (32%) said that they would rather receive money as their valentines gift followed closely by functional gift items and fashion items coming in second and third place. Other gifts that Kenyans wished to receive include: Surprise dates/trips, personalised gift items and perfume.


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