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System upgrade blamed for traffic snarl-up at Malaba border

In January 2022, the post witnessed the worst jam in history, with traffic stretching over 70 kilometers following a protest by Kenyan truck drivers over Uganda's move to implement mandatory Covid-19 testing at its border

Report by Sally Namuye

Long distance truck drivers are blaming traffic snarl-ups along the busy Eldoret-Malaba highway to the perennial system upgrade in Uganda.

Channel 1

The drivers now want the government to upgrade to digital scanners at the Malaba One Stop Border Post in order to speed up businesses between East Africa and beyond.

According to Mutisya Tavitha, a truck driver, they want a long lasting solution to the traffic menace along the Northern corridors to ensure seamless flow of goods and services.

“We are told the system is being upgraded on the Ugandan side of the border. We are not opposed to that, but the Ugandan authorities should have found an alternative to prevent us from encountering the suffering we are undergoing,” said Tavitha.

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