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Airbnb bans surveillance cameras inside rental properties

Airbnb says it is introducing a worldwide ban on the use of security cameras inside rental properties. The changes to the company's policy will come...

State imposes strict guidelines for Airbnb operators amid safety concerns

Airbnb operators will now be required to record and temporarily withhold identification documents of their clients. In a statement, the Private Security Regulatory Authority CEO,...

Italy to seize $835m from Airbnb in tax evasion inquiry

An Italian judge has ordered the seizure of €779.5m ($835.5m) from short-term rental giant Airbnb, over alleged tax evasion. Prosecutors say the firm failed to...

Airbnb travel summit to address tourism sustainability in Africa

Africa’s tourism stakeholders are expected to meet in Johannesburg, South Africa next month to come up with ways of making the sector sustainable in...


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