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Counties miss first half revenue collection target by Ksh 20B

County governments managed to raise Ksh 19.95 billion in the first half of the year to December 31, 2023 as their own-source revenue according...

State committed to strengthening devolution

The Government is committed to strengthening devolution to enhance service delivery to the people, President William Ruto has said. He said the Kenya Kwanza administration...

The shift in Kenya’s governance systems 60 years on

Kenya's Constitution promulgated in 2010 heralded the end of the powerful provincial administration that had existed for more than 50 years dating back to...

CDA backs key projects to unlock coast region economy

The Coast Development Authority (CDA) Board of Directors has stepped up efforts to complete income-generating projects to be self-sustaining. The board wants to complete the...

‘We must liberate devolution from corruption’ says Ruto

President William Ruto has warned of stern action against officials who misuse public resources. He said as much as the Government continues to support devolution...

Ruto urges counties to embrace sustainable resource avenue to power devolution

President William Ruto has urged Counties to tame their appetite for National Government revenue allocations. He said it is time devolved units engaged in a...


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