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Solar-powered borehole in Amboseli reshapes human-wildlife coexistence

In the heart of the Ilmarba community in Kajiado County where wildlife roams freely, the harmony between humans and animals can sometimes be disrupted,...

Half-moon bunds project restoring fortunes of a community in Amboseli

In Amboseli Local Community Conservation Area, at the heart of the Amboseli ecosystem, the morning unfolds with a ritual that has become all too...

Kenya explores digital innovations to solve human-wildlife conflict quagmire

The use of technology has been a game changer in wildlife conservation in Kenya. Amboseli National Park Assistant Director Paul Wambi says technology has been...

Youth join elderly to rebuild depleted Entarara Forest ecosystem

A section of youth from Kajiado County is leveraging technology in an effort to restore and conserve Entarara Forest. The youth group made a decision...


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