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KWS responds to lioness incident in Rongai, ensures ongoing patrols

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has responded to CCTV footage circulating on social media, depicting a lioness scaling a perimeter wall in a private...

KWS relocates 6 hippos terrorizing NAIVAWASCO employees

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has relocated a family of six hippos that has been terrorizing employees of the Naivasha Water and Sewerage Company (NAIVAWASCO) at...

NAIVAWASCO employees protest after rogue hippo attacks colleague

Employees of the Naivasha Water and Sewerage Company (NAIVAWASCO) on Monday protested over the death of their colleagues after a rogue hippo attacked him...

Laikipia residents cautioned against buying uninspected meat

Following an increase in poaching cases, Laikipia residents have been cautioned against eating uninspected meat to prevent zoonotic diseases. Laikipia County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri warned...

World Elephant Day: Kenya’s population increases to over 36,000

Kenya Saturday joined the rest of the world in celebrating the eleventh anniversary of World Elephant Day, under the theme; “Let us come together...

Marauding elephants wreak havoc in Njabini, Kinangop

A group of farmers in Njabini area of Kinangop are counting losses running into thousands of shillings after a herd of elephants raided their...

Three in court over wildlife trophies in Marsabit

A Marsabit court has allowed the police to continue holding three suspects of wildlife trophy trafficking in order to complete investigations. Senior Resident Magistrate Simon...

KWS issued 3-day ultimatum to drive back marauding elephants into Tsavo

Residents in the Mutha location in Kitui County have issued the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) a three-day ultimatum to drive over 70 elephants back...

2021 Census: 83pc of wildlife in Mara landscape live in conservancies

There has been a general population increase of large mammal species over the last three decades. This is according to the 2021 census of large...

Maasai Olympics: Community’s firm undertaking to end lion-killing

In the Maasai culture, there is a time-honored tradition where males kill lions to prove their rite of passage into manhood. Amid a decreasing number...


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