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Dominican Republic support the Kingdom of Morocco’s sovereignty over Sahara.

The Dominican Republic has reaffirmed to the Kingdom of Morocco its support for sovereignity policy over the Morrocco-Sahara region. Dominican Minister of External Relations, Roberto...

Germany reaffirms support for the Morocco-Sahara autonomous plan.

Germany reaffirmed its support for the Moroccan autonomy plan for the Sahara on Thursday, describing it as a "serious and credible" attempt by the...

Italy applauds Morocco’s efforts in the Moroccan Sahara

Italy praised Morocco's "serious and credible efforts" to resolve the Sahara conflict in the Action Plan for the Multidimensional Strategic Partnership between the Kingdom...

Serbia reiterates support for Morocco’s sovereignty over the Moroccan Sahara

Serbia has restated its commitment to upholding Morocco's territorial integrity and its "principled stance against secessionism and separatism." Following a phone call between Ivica Dai,...