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Court adjourned after Mackenzie’s lawyer skips mention

Shanzu law court has Wednesday adjourned a case in which Shakahola massacre key suspect Paul Mackenzie and 94 others were charged with five terrorism...

Shakahola cult: Pastor Mackenzie, 94 co-suspects to face murder charges

The Office of the Director of Prosecution (ODPP) has approved murder charges against controversial preacher Paul Mackenzie and 94 of his followers over Shakahola...

Mackenzie jailed for 12 months for possessing, distributing unclassified films

A Malindi court Friday sentenced Shakahola massacre prime suspect Paul Mackenzie Nthenge to one year in jail for illegally distributing films associated with his...

Mackenzie, co-accused to spend a further 31 days in police custody

Controversial cleric Paul Mackenzie and his co-accused will remain in custody until 22 December when the court will rule on the state’s application seeking...

Court finds Pastor Mackenzie guilty of illegally operating a film studio

A Malindi court has convicted Shakahola massacre prime suspect Paul Mackenzie Nthenge for illegally operating a film studio associated with his radical preaching. Senior Resident...

Pastor Ezekiel not yet off the hook, DPP denies dropping charges

Pastor Ezekiel Odero of New Life Prayer Centre and Church who has been linked to the Shakahola massacre is not yet off the hook. The...

Shakahola cult suspects detained for 30 more days

The Shanzu Magistrate Court in Mombasa has ordered that 66 Shakahola cult suspects be detained for a further 30 days. This is after the probation...

Pathologists conduct autopsies on 24 more bodies of Shakahola victims

Pathologists conducted autopsies on 24 bodies Monday, bringing the total number of postmortems conducted on bodies of victims of the Shakahola massacre to 381...

Shakahola death toll hits 425 as exhumation suspended

Homicide detectives Wednesday exhumed six bodies from Shakahola forest, Kilifi county, taking the death toll to 425. Coast Regional Coordinator Rhoda Onyancha announced that the...

Shakahola: Death toll at 419 as 16 more bodies exhumed

16 more bodies have been exhumed from Shakahola forest in Kilifi county bringing the total number of bodies recovered to 419. Coast regional commissioner, Rhoda...


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