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Linturi seeks two-month duty free sugar importation

The Ministry of Agriculture is seeking a two-month duty-free sugar importation window extension to bridge the production deficit. Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi says importers...

MPs back reintroduction of sugar levy to support sector

Sugar millers and importers will be required to pay a 4pc sugar levy if the Sugar Bill of 2022 is enacted into law in...

Taxation of sugar-sweetened beverages a ‘win-win’ for Ghana’s public health strategy

A new win for Ghana as 20pc tax has been imposed on sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs), including flavoured juice drinks, sweetened tea, sodas, and energy...

Sugar prices rise in April as production shrinks 36pc

Kenya recorded a 36pc drop in locally produced sugar in the month of April leading to a marginal increase in retail prices of the...

Sugarcane farmers call for tough action on condemned sugar suspects

Cane farmers in western region are calling on the government to move in swiftly and arrest all suspects who participated in the release of...


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