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TikTok Shop Indonesia to reopen after $1.5bn deal

Social media app TikTok has struck a joint venture deal with Indonesian tech giant GoTo to restart its online shopping business in the country. The...

US judge blocks Montana’s TikTok ban citing free speech

A US judge has blocked Montana's ban on TikTok, saying it violated the free speech rights of users. In May, Montana became the first US...

Nepal bans TikTok citing disruption to social harmony

Nepal has banned China's TikTok because its content "was detrimental to social harmony." The decision comes days after the country introduced a new rule requiring...

TikTok training programme to empower Kenyan content creators

President William Ruto has said that Kenyan creative industry deserves to make a livelihood from their ability to create good content. President Ruto categorically revealed...

Ruto, Tik Tok CEO agree to moderate content in Kenya

Short-form video hosting service TikTok will work with Kenya in reviewing and monitoring its content. The move, President William Ruto said, will ensure that content...

Why petitioner wants Parliament to ban TikTok in Kenya

A petition has been presented to the National Assembly seeking to ban the Chinese-owned app Tik Tok in Kenya. Speaker Moses Wetang'ula Tuesday confirmed receiving...

TikTok remains popular social media platform among young people

TikTok is the most preferred social media platform and is still gaining more ground especially among the young. This year's report by Reuters Institute...

TikTok: ByteDance accused of helping China spy on Hong Kong activists

TikTok's owner ByteDance has been accused of allowing Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members to access the data of Hong Kong civil rights activists and...


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