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Biden calls for tripling tariffs on Chinese metals

US President Joe Biden has called for a tripling of tariffs on some steel and aluminium from China. It is the latest protectionist policy to...

More China tariffs if re-elected, Donald Trump says

Former US president Donald Trump has said he would impose more tariffs on Chinese goods if he wins the US presidential election in November. In...

Moroccan Sahara: U.S.A reiterates firm support for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan

There is "no change in the clear and consistent U.S. position" regarding the Moroccan Sahara issue, said Sunday the U.S. State Department, while reiterating...

Netflix users spent 812m hours watching The Night Agent

Netflix has released viewer data on 99% of its catalogue for the first time. Users around the world watched The Night Agent for 812m hours,...

Grand Theft Auto VI trailer revealed after leak

A decade-long wait for the sixth main game in the Grand Theft Auto series has ended as Rockstar released a trailer. Set in Miami-inspired Vice...

8,700 Ford workers in US down tools

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union has expanded its ongoing strike by shutting down Ford's biggest plant. The UAW said 8,700 workers walked out of...

Biden lauds Morocco’s effort during  earthquake

The United States of America President Joseph Biden has lauded the Royal Kingdom of Morocco for its swift measures i to save lives during...

USA supports Morocco autonomous plan

Joshua Harris, the US's Deputy Assistant Secretary for North Africa, has reaffirmed his nation's support for the autonomy proposal as a "serious, credible, and...

Bill Gates meets Xi Jinping as US-China tensions simmer

Microsoft's co-founder Bill Gates met China's President Xi Jinping on Friday as tensions remain high between Washington and Beijing. Mr Xi told Mr Gates that...


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