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Gadgets used by Worldcoin to collect data from Kenyans seized

Electronic devices used by Worldcoin to capture data from Kenyans are currently undergoing forensic examination. Appearing before the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Thursday, Interior...

Worldcoin denies mining Kenyans’ data for profits

Worldcoin has denied mining data from unsuspecting Kenyans for selfish gains. Appearing before the National Assembly Adhoc Committee Worldcoin CEO Alex Blania said that the iris biometrics...

Sandboxing is best way to regulate innovations, says Chiloba

Adoption of alternative regulatory tools is the best way to oversight complexities arising from new and emerging innovations in Kenya. Appearing before a special committee...

Worldcoin: Parliament told data collected in Kenya inaccessible

Kenyan authorities may not have access to the data collected by Worldcoin since the company servers are located in the United States. The Head of...

Kindiki: Worldcoin is not registered as a legal entity in Kenya

Cryptocurrency project Worldcoin which was suspended by the government over data privacy concerns is not licensed. Interior CS Kindiki Kithure in a joint statement with...


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