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US launches more strikes against Houthis in Yemen

The US carried out more strikes against Houthi missiles in Yemen on Sunday, US Central Command (Centcom) said in a statement on X. Centcom said...

Houthi missile hits US-owned container ship in Yemen

Houthi rebels have hit a US-owned cargo ship with a ballistic missile off the coast of Yemen, the US says. The vessel, Gibraltar Eagle, reported...

US delivers ‘private message’ to Iran after Yemen strikes

President Biden says the US has delivered a "private message" to Iran about the Houthis in Yemen after the US carried out a second...

US destroys Houthi boats after Red Sea hijack attempt

The US Navy has destroyed Houthi "small boats" attempting to board a container ship in the Red Sea. Four vessels from Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen...

US warship downs drones fired from Houthi-held Yemen in Red Sea

A US warship engaged and shot down three drones after three commercial vessels came under attack in the Red Sea, US Central Command has...

US Navy seizes attackers who held Israel-linked tanker

A US Navy warship has captured armed men who seized an Israeli-linked tanker off the coast of Yemen on Sunday, US defence officials say. The...


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