Tanzania bans Diamond and Zuchu’s video over lewd content

A section of Tanzanias have termed the ‘Mtasubiri’ video as “blasphemous”.

Diamond Platnumz featuring Zuchu’s latest music video for the song ‘Mtasubiri’ has garnered over 10 million views on YouTube. But that hasn’t deterred the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) from banning it from the country’s mainstream and social media outlets.

The video, termed as disrespectful, now cannot be played on all TZ mainstream and social media outlets until Diamond and Zuchu alter it. The particular scene causing the hullabaloo is a church scene in the video in which a choir member leaves choir practice and heads somewhere elsewhere in a romantic getaway. In a statement by TCRA, the regulator says they received a letter from the National Arts Council (BASATA) to stop public performance and distribution of the said video.

‘Mwambieni’ singer Zuchu has termed the ban as an act of discrimination. “We are young people scouting for a livelihood without getting tired but our parents (RE: the authorities) have broken us down in society without caring about our feelings,” she complained. Diamond on the other hand lamented that the video is not controversial at all. “I am questioning myself whether there was anything wrong with that scene? Did you wear mini-dresses/skirts? No. Did you twerk or sing vulgar while in church? No. Did you smoke bhang or cigarette? No. Did you kiss or drink alcohol while in church? No.” The East African star said.


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