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Tata chemicals embarks on Ksh2.4B expansion plan

Tata chemicals has embarked on an ambitious Ksh 2.4 Billion expansion plan to spur the multimillion company growth.

Despite the global economic meltdown, Tata chemicals Ltd Chief Executive Officer Subodh Srivastav said the export oriented Company has come up with elaborate strategic plans to protect its 490 human capital and 800 contractors from mass lay off amid shrinking business in the last five years especially during the Covid 19 Pandemic period.

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Subodh said the company will inject Ksh 2.4 Billion capital towards its operations in the country eyeing double digits growth in the next five years.

Part of the capital with expand the Magadi plan interm of technology.Tata Chemicals also owns Kajiado Town Depot that also serves as warehouse for their products enroute to Mombasa vie the railway line.

The Company occupies 224,991 acre piece of land. It harvests soda ash from Lake Magadi.

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