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Team Tarmal upbeat about MMc Clubman title defence

Reigning Coast Rally Champion Abdulkadir Tarmal believes his Japanese marque will carry him to future success and will put him firmly in contention for the 2023 Coast Rally Championship title.

 With an apparently insatiable appetite for success, the Team Tarmal Steel rising star revealed that he was confident his Subaru would enable him to maintain his run of good results at sea level.

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“I have high hopes for our Subaru contraption despite retirement at the recent home round of the KNRC at Vipingo’s Mombasa Cement,” Abdulkadir quipped, adding. “I am  also optimistic it will help us to continue our momentum in the home series. The handling is incredible while the additional grip and driveability gives us immense confidence to attack.”

Abdulkadir had a very positive 2022 season at the Coast on his debut year, and he was delighted to win the Coast Rally Championship series as well as a maiden podium position. 

The Coast rising star claims his maiden podium (3rd overall) at last year’s KNRC Mombasa Rally in Bamba inspired him to go for bigger limits in the “man against machine” sport.

He made his debut at the home KNRC last year and secured a career best national podium position behind eventual winner Raaji Bharij and Jasmeet Chana.

 What’s more, Abdulkadir won the 4WD Turbo Class during the MMC National Autocross Championship in 2022 and finished second in the same class and event this year.

“It’s only my second season with the car and I must admit it is enjoyable to drive and I think it will be even more exciting for home spectators too,” Tarmal emphasized.

–Early Days–

There is an old adage in motorsports that whenever kids get a whiff of a race seat, it’s deeply ingrained in them forever!

Rightly so, Abdulkadir is one such petrolhead who has always wanted to race no matter what!

 From a tender age of 10, Tarmal had already drawn his inspiration from watching circuit and motor rallying events while also succumbing to the lure of the same on eSports.

So it’s little wonder that the  now 29-year-old  businessman already had the bug long before he drove for fun at Mombasa Go-Kart.

–Moment of Fame–.

Tarrmal’s first 24 hours of racing fame came when he outrightly won the fourth round of  Mombasa Motor Club Coast Rally 4  in Vipingo last year.

“It was an amazing experience winning this club rally, but then again, quite a challenge considering that this was my first night rally. However, I think my co-driver Azgar Kassam was on the ball and deserves a pat on the back for a mission well executed.”

–Once A Petrolhead, Always Petrolhead–

Tarmal Subaru Impreza STI N10 was acquired  from his good old friend Arjun Pattni, who bought it from it’s previous owner but only raced with it in one event.

“My clean lines at Vipingo have definitely elevated my confidence levels and also goes to show that I’m progressing in the sport which motivates me to continue learning and pushing even harder when circumstances permit. It’s always wrong to be retrogressive in anything that you can make better”

But asked what his long and short term plans in racing.are, Tarmal went on: “For now, I want to focus on improving my skills at club level and indeed grasp as many lessons as possible from my seniors.'”

Tarrmal is a first generation driver who continues to learn the ropes meticulously. 

 All in all, he candidly credits his navigator Azgar for providing leadership, guidance and support on and off the cockpit, because these amazing group of partners are responsible for success when a driver performs.

“Having a navigator you can rely on is key to performing well in a rally environment. Without good notes from the adjacent side of the driving seat becomes really difficult to push the car to its limits as you lack the requisite confidence, and by extension, the capability to ascertain what obstacles lie ahead.”

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