Technology improving lives through LG electronics

LG Electronics is using technology to provide smart solutions for your kitchen and cut your laundry time in half

Technology has made life easier. We’re way past the question of whether technology has made our lives easier, it is more a statement of fact. We’ve gone from landlines to mobile phones, from accessing information one source at a time to accessing massive amounts of information on the internet at once. And in most ways, technology has made our lives more comfortable.

One company that is leveraging on technology to improve our lives is LG electronics. LG, you could say, is always striving to innovate. This is true of their products such as the OLED TV and their Instaview refrigerators. What is notable about LG’s recent product range is their drive to bring more technology or tech to the kitchen through their smart kitchenware products.


LG Instaview Refridgerator

“LG prides themselves in having one of the most efficient dishwashers in the market. It is among if not, the quietest, giving you the peaceful environment in the kitchen that you might need after a long day at work. With just a touch of a finger, you could get your utensils done in a matter of minutes,” says Moses Marji, LG’s General Manager Marketing.

For the last couple of years, there has been a tremendous growth in regards to making the kitchen smart through technology. LG has been at the forefront in not only innovations geared towards simplifying the culinary process but also in ensuring that there is a unified network in our kitchen through its open connectivity framework that allows its hubs to sync with appliances from multiple manufacturers.

It does beg the question, are all these innovative, smart products geared towards making lives easier for women? On the night before Easter, this did ring true when LG invited a selection of women to the Villa Rosa Kempinski for dinner, to discuss how technology makes life better and most importantly to showcase the new LG Twinwash which allows you to wash two loads at the same time.

According to the various discussions had at the launch, women in attendance were in agreement that they had to do two loads of laundry especially because of the baby clothes. And LG’s answer to that was a demonstration on how they could cut that time in half by doing both loads at the same time.

During the launch, Mr Song of LG East Africa said, “Kenyans are very innovative and creative. We felt strongly that this product would resonate well with them.”

LG have used technology and innovativeness with this product too. The Twinwash allows you to control it remotely with your phone. Which means you can start doing your laundry while stuck in traffic. How’s that for technology improving lives?


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