Teen hackers targeted by the National Crime Agency

By Agencies

Teenagers committing crimes online are being targeted by the National Crime Agency.

The campaign aims to warn young people about the dangers of hacking and using online tools for cyber-attacks.

The CyberChoices campaign comes after NCA research revealed the average age of people involved in its investigations was 17.

The research indicated few teenagers knew what constituted a cyber crime or what would happen if they were caught.

European policing organisation Europol said it too had seen a rise in criminality among teenagers and younger computer users.

Europol regularly runs campaigns to educate these groups about how low-level cybercrimes can escalate.

“A lot of people can grow accustomed to using crime kits very easily,” said Jaap van Oss, a team leader in Europol’s Cyber Crime Centre.

“We make them aware that using a Rat is not just for fun. It’s a crime.”

“We have larger programmes throughout the EU where we specifically target those younger users of those tools,” said Mr Van Oss.

“It’s not that we will convict them to serious sentences immediately, but we will take them up, knock and talk, and show them that they are breaking the law.”

The CyberChoices materials will be made available via the NCA’s website as well as its Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages. It is being supported by several partner organisations including GetSafeOnline, the Cyber Security Challenge and the Crest organisation, which represents ethical hackers.

Source: CNN Technology



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