Telcos renew calls about checking registration status

Telcos have renewed their calls on subscribers to ensure that their sim cards are correctly registered against their valid identification documents as per the law. 

In a paid up advert, the three mobile phone service providers are encouraging subscribers to check at their outlets that their sim-cards are registered against the correct identification details.  

Three mobile phone service providers namely Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom Kenya are seeking to nip illegal use of sim cards in the bud, a crime that has seen many Kenyans losing millions of shillings or implicated in criminal activities. 

According to the Sim Registration Regulations of 2015, only telecommunications operators and their agents are allowed to sell and register sim-cards. 

The regulations require all sim card holders to be registered meaning the use of unregistered sim cards is illegal. 

Many Kenyans have fallen prey to sim-swapping, a form of fraud in which scammers manipulate unsuspecting mobile phone users to divulge their confidential information. 

The scammers then use this information to replace the sim cards without the owners’ knowledge then wipe out cash from the mobile money wallets of subscribers or even bank accounts. 

Between July and September 2020, Communications Authority of Kenya says cyber threats increased by 159.9 percent. 

Those convicted of breaching the SIM card registration regulations are liable to a fine of up to half a million shillings or a year in jail or both penalties for vendors. 

The law further stipulates that those who use false information to register a sim card risk six months imprisonment or a fine of up to 100,000 shillings if convicted. 

The DCI in March this year, recovered over 2,000 sim cards, 15 mobile phones, a register with names and numbers of unsuspecting victims in a house in Nairobi. 

During the swoop, six people were arrested on suspicion of defrauding Kenyans of millions over a period of three years.


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