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Ten Kenyan startups secure training opportunity from Whitebox Strathmore Program

Founders, Co-Founders and CEO's (all standing) of the 10 startups that won the Huduma Whitebox Program Opportunity after the announcement.

Ten Kenyan startups have secured a training opportunity from Whitebox Strathmore Program.

The startups are Giftpesa, Residence Smart Address System, Hela.money, Fundi Link, Shop Okoa, PLAT-DEL, NeuralSight, Thorium App, Hao Finder and Meira.

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Speaking after the announcement of the winners by the ICT Authority (ICTA), Stanley Kamanguya, CEO of the ICT Authority, said: “I am delighted to note that the call for applications has come to a successful end with the naming of the 10 top finalists. The partnership between the ICT Authority will go a long way building the already robust ICT Innovation in Kenya.”

On his part, Dr. Joseph Sevilla, Director of @iLabAfrica said: “I am delighted to welcome the 10 startups to the Whitebox Strathmore Innovation Program. These startups represent the essence of Kenyan innovations in diverse sectors such as agritech, fintech, and cyber-security which showcases the diversity and ingenuity that our nation is known for.”

He added: “@iBizAfrica is excited to provide them with the necessary support, mentorship, and resources to nurture their growth and amplify their impact. The Whitebox Strathmore Innovation Program is not just about individual startups; it’s about fostering an ecosystem of collaboration, and inspiration through @iLabAfrica’s and @iBizAfrica’s dynamic approach.”

The strategic partnership between the Huduma WhiteBox program and iBizAfrica at Strathmore University highlights the importance of academia and business working together to develop the next generation of ICT startups.

The Whitebox Strathmore Bootcamp aims to provide an incubator for innovation, creativity, and sustainable growth by offering a caring environment that allows businesses to thrive.

The program is run through a partnership between the ICT Authority and Strathmore following the signing of an MOU in February 2023.

In February 2023, the Authority entered into a partnership with Strathmore University’s ibizAfrica to support the growth of the innovation ecosystem.

The Whitebox Strathmore Bootcamp was mooted to support capacity building of startups in the areas of business planning, market entry strategies, financial management and Legal & regulatory framework; provide acceleration to startups and provide technical support to the startups


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