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Thomas Fuller once said, “music is nothing else but wild sounds civilised into time and tune.” So, here are four wild sounds civilised into time trending on Youtube this week.

Dala Dala – Otile Brown ft Ethic

This new jam that landed on Youtube early this week has been trending at number one for the better part of the week. Otile Brown collaborates on this track with new mainstream bangers Ethic. Ethic entertainment has been popping on local radio of late with their odi pop sound. This genre might prove to be a turning point for our entertainment scene. Odi pop is slowly becoming the preferred genre if mainstream airplay is anything to go by.

Trending No. 1

Kaa na mamayako – Benzema, Dmore and Nellythgoon

This Ochungulo family banger dropped on Monday and seemingly has no intention of slowing down. The Ochungulo family is made up of three artistes namely Benzema, Dmore and Nellythegoon. In the description they describe the title of the song as, “Kaa na mamayako is a Kenyan slang, stated by the widely celebrated West Pokot Governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo.”

Trending No. 3

Shado Mado – Willy Paul feat Alaine

Willy Paul is a mainstay name on the trending charts whether on Twitter or Youtube for a varied number of reasons but this week he’s been trending for the right reasons. His new track featuring Alaine that dropped last week is still at the top of the Youtube Kenyan trends. This isn’t his first collaboration with the American Jamaican, their other collaboration caused a stir online when pictures appeared showing Alaine in a wedding gown pictured next to Willy Paul which turned out to be pictures from the music video “I do.”

Trending No. 5

Dondosha – Masauti feat Lava Lava

Masauti, real name Mohammed Ali Said, is currently making a name for himself in the Nairobi music scene giving Otile Brown a run for his money. On his new hit single he collaborates with Tanzanian up and comer Lava Lava. You know what they say, rivalry is always good for business.

Trending No. 7


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