Terror fugitive Ahmed Iman falls out with Al Shabaab

Kenyan fugitive Ahmed Iman who is wanted for perpetuating terror activities in Kenya has fallen out with key Al-Shabaab leaders in Somalia and is on the run.

Ahmed Diyire’s Al-Shabaab faction that has been decreeing the execution of several Kenyan Al-Shabaab in Somalia for alleged spying on the militant group is now turning its rage to Ahmed Iman the de-facto leader of foreign fighters in Al Shabaab.

According to a source who escaped from Ahmed Iman’s Jesh Ayman group, has confided that Diriye’s faction is not happy with Ahmed Iman’s aggressive activities and planning to execute him.

As part of the plan, Diriye and his associates have been executing close allies of Iman and now they are hatching a plan to lure Iman into a setup in which he (Iman) would be killed without leaving trace of involvement of Diriye and his group.

Ahmed Iman from the time he started controlling a largely foreign fighters within Al-Shabaab and the establishment of Jaysh Ayman fighter, has been holding the ambition of becoming the overall commander of the larger militant group in Somalia.

This move has been causing disquietude within the militant group, with Diriye’s faction increasingly becoming uncomfortable with Iman.

Iman is also said to be getting foreign funding which he is not openly sharing with Diriye and his group, a further constraint on the souring relationship between the two.

Suspicious of the move by Diriye and his allies, Iman is said to be avoiding meeting Diriye and as of late, been operating in isolation even as his allies are being killed and/or detained by Diriye’s faction.

It is likely that the pressure from AMISOM and the Somali National Army (SNA) maybe contributing further to the strained relationships amongst the various factions of Al-Shabaab.

It is also not lost that sometimes back; Iman had started sending emissaries to Kenyan authorities for a possibility of extending the Amnesty to him and his close fighters from Kenya to return back to the country.

In that move by Iman, he had indicated that he would be willing to collaborate with the Kenyan government in fighting Al-Shaabab in Kenya and Somalia.

Iman is expected to surrender to Kenyan security forces to save himself from the possibility of being killed by Diriye and Mahat Karate in the same way Haroun Fasoul was set into a trap and ended up being killed. Mahat Karate is one of the Al-Shabaab’s leaders currently being pursued by both Somali and Kenyan authorities.

It should remembered that during the tin the late Godane led the Al Shabaab, Diriye was responsible for organizing special operations on Godane’s behalf, such as “kill or capture” operations against those perceived to be in opposition to Godane’s leadership. Diriye in executing his role organized the attack against, and subsequent killing of Omar Hammami alias Abu Mansur Al-Amriki.



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