The 7 trendiest beard styles for men

Beards are back… Not that they ever left in the first place.

When we last touched on beards, we talked about how to take care of one. Now we’re showcasing the wide array of trendy styles you can wear yours.

When selecting your bear style, go for one that compliments your face shape and one that is practical for your every day life.

Check these out:

  1. The anchor beard

This is a goatee-style beard paired with a mustache. The combination forms the shape of an anchor, hence the name.

2. The full beard

A classic look this one. Can be trimmed to match any guy’s face and should always be kept neat and combed out.

3. The Garibaldi

The beard is named after the 19th Century Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi, who was known for his prowess in battle. The beard combines a mustache with a full, rounded beard that is pointy at the end.

4. The Goatee

Probably the most common shape among men and the easiest to grow. It can compliment one’s jawbone very well.

5. The Mutton chops

It’ all about long, full sideburn cut at a wide angle. They give one an old super maculine look.

6. The moustache

Very subtle.

7. The chin beard

It’ basically a thicker goatee connected to a shorter, barely shaved moustache.


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