The Cradle of Mankind; Turkana

In Turkana County, the locals here will welcome you with  “Tubonore” meaning welcome back home.This is the origin of mankind, otherwise known as the cradle of mankind. It is a county rich in both tapped and untapped tourism potential.

In 1968 research work on the Eastern shores of the Lake Turkana by world renown paleontologist Dr. Richard Leakey proved that this is where life began. The abundance of the fossil records taken in Turkana support theories of human origin.

Fossil records from Turkana


The Magical Scenes’ exploration in Lodwar began with the hospitable people at the facility we were putting up at; The Cradle village.

The Cradle Village

Lodwar has some spectacular scenery! From River Turkwel, to the many visible mountains such as Silai Volcano, Loima hills, Mugila Range and Lodwar hills. Towering on top of the many hills is a grey gigantic statue of Jesus Christ. Scaling this spectacle will take you about twenty minutes. This is a mirror image of the iconic Christ the Redeemer sculpture that defines the Brazilian capital city Rio de janeiro.

River Turkwel

During colonial days, Lodwar was a transit point for British officials moving Kenyan political prisoners to the North. This house constructed in 1959 is referred to as Kenyatta House since it served as a detention camp for the five of the Kapenguria six.

Lodwar also prides in the basket village which is an area where basket-making by Turkana women is practiced.

Lodwar is considered one of the safest towns in Kenya, one that you would stroll in the nights connecting with the locals understanding the history, culture as well as experiencing the night life.


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