The do’s and don’ts of a long-distance relationship

Relationships are a tricky thing to navigate especially when you’re social distancing


By Leah Kabindu

Relationships are a tricky thing to navigate and depending on the situation, they can be wonderful or miserable. It becomes even more complicated when it’s a long-distance or when you’re dealing a worldwide pandemic and social distancing has become the rule.  Here are a few guidelines to help you through these trying times.


Communication is key


Communication, genuine communication, is often key to a lasting relationship. But, it is the bread and butter of surviving a long-distance relationship. Since you spend less quality time together, communication helps you and your partner feel loved and present even with the distance.

Trust each other

Trust your partner and the strength of the relationship. Faith in one another and your sincerity is what keeps the bond strong. Without honesty, however, there is no trust. Learn to be open and honest with each other.

Make your little time together a priority

Prioritize your partner when they visit. There is nothing worse than travelling to see your partner only to find that they are unavailable for you. Make visiting your partner a priority and try to visit as much as possible because nothing can replace face to face interaction. The little time spent together helps both of you to relieve stress and power up for the distance.

Support each other

Be genuinely happy for your better half especially when something goes right for them. Encourage them to try new things. Learn to be okay with the fact that they are successful even without you around.

Enjoy your individual experiences

Learn to be okay with your own company and experiences. Accept that some experiences that were previously shared are now separate. Accept that you and your partner are both free to live your own lives in a different environment with different friends.



Avoid being petty and judgemental

Being negative with your partner when you feel down just breeds more negativity in the relationship. Learn to understand and accept any discomfort and find neutral or positive ways to handle it.

Don’t hold onto anger and resentment

When you feel bad about something your partner does or says, share it and let it go. Holding onto it will fester and breed discontent in your relationship.

Have faith

Don’t give up because you are afraid it won’t work out. You don’t have to despair because of the bad reputation long-distance relationships have. Each experience is different, just because someone else’s long-distance relationship didn’t work, doesn’t mean yours is doomed to fail.


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