Turns out there are many ways to protect yourself.

In the wake of Coronavirus, we are all trying our best to be up to par with how we’re protecting ourselves. This includes wearing face masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment (PPE). Some people have gotten very creative with this and the results have been hilarious. People are using anything they can find to protect themselves, from garbage bags to bras to metal armour. While these solutions might not be 100% effective, any protection is better than none, right?

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Here is a roundup of the some of the funniest PPE pictures spotted from around the globe

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Foolproof social distance
Sometimes you have to make do with what you have
Pure improvization
I guess our dogs need protection too
How is he breathing??
Who needs face masks or hand sanitizer when you can have full metal armor?
PPE but keep it swagged out
That’s an actual bra
At this point, just stay at home
Safe from Corona, but prone to suffocation
No words

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