The impending doom of global warming

The facts about global warming should be reiterated over and over.

Over the weekend, a new digital clock was unveiled in Manhattan’s Union Square that tells us exactly how much time the world has to reverse climate change before human existence is completely altered. We have just 7 years to do so. Discussions about global warming have always been viewed as a far-into-the-future thing, but time has caught up with us. Effects that scientists had in the past predicted would occur are now being felt.  

Human influence is the top reason that the world is experiencing global warming. Centuries of our carbon emissions such as burning fossil fuels, has caused a depletion in the ozone layer, in turn causing adverse effects on our environment. Not to mention we’ve been cutting down forests and polluting our rivers. As a species, we have really done the most.

As global temperatures continue to rise, some of the long-term effects we can expect include:

  1. Severe weather

Expect droughts, heat waves, storms, wildfires and floods. We’re already seeing this; California is experiencing its worst wildfire, eastern Africa has experienced major flooding and people in India are dying from heat waves.

  1. Higher sea levels

The polar regions (arctic and Antarctica) are melting. Temperatures here are rising twice as fast as they are elsewhere on earth and the consequence is that sea levels are rising. Low-lying areas could be submerged by the year 2100. We’re talking Sydney, New York, Mumbai and Rio De Janeiro.

  1. Air pollution

Think you are tired of wearing a face mask now? Generations could be stuck wearing them forever. The dirtier air caused by pollution such as from factories and car emissions means more cardiac and pulmonary illnesses.

  1. Animal extinction

Our beloved animals are bound to disappear if they don’t adapt fast enough to the climate change. All animals on land, in the sea and in the air are in danger.

  1. Death

The impending doom of death is brought even closer to the human race because of the spike in illnesses. Expect more pandemics. All these aforementioned global warming effects; severe weather, dirty air and rise in heat levels culminate to cause death.

Are you doing your part in trying to prevent future adverse effects?


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