The magical air transport that shocked the world

    Written By: Ian Chepkuto

    Concorde, the world’s fastest supersonic aircraft ever built

    You may have read and heard about pilots who have successfully controlled planes in the air after developing mechanical problems or during severe weather.

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    For sure as a passenger you will not know what pilots, aeronautical engineers, Air traffic control ATC or crew members go through to make trip successful.

    At one time the legend pilot who bid his passengers a farewell gesture after successful trip said “The safest part of your trip is now over” meaning what happens when you board a plane is kept secret.

    Sometimes you might wonder why researchers have approved air transport to be the safety means of transport in the world, the answer might either be right or wrong.

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    For the past 50 years, the world commercial airliners have ranked up nearly one billion flight hours across the globe, showing tremendous growth in the sector, with a steady stream of information that is used to improve the design of airplanes and engines. “We are getting better” says Bill Bozin, Vice President of airbus Americas.

    Despite positive changes in the sector, poor global satellite positioning and advanced displays, communications and telecommunications hitch still bedevils airline services.

    According to Julie O. Donnel, a spokeswoman for Boeing, she said that during 1950 to 1960 accidents occurred once in every 200,000 flights, she farther said, the worldwide safest record is more than 10 times better, with fatal accidents happening less than once in every two million flight.

    World fastest planes of its kind

    It now approximately 27 years since British Airways and Air France terminated Concorde air services after France Flight 4590 crashed in 2000 claiming all 113 passengers on board.

    The supersonic transport (SST) was invented and built jointly by qualified engineers from Great Britain and France who wanted to improve aircraft services cross the world.

    It never took long to take off. And by September 26, 1973 all its parts were assembled and were ready to be tested across the Atlantic.

    It took two years of testing before its inaugural flight in January 21, 1976.

    It was released on the market as the world’s fastest supersonic aircraft across Atlantic Ocean.

    The British Airways operated from London to Bahrain while Air France operated from Paris to Rio de Janeiro. The two airline companies jointly added regular service to Washington, D.C. in May 1976 and to New York City in November 1977.

    Other routes were added seasonally, and the Concorde was flown on chartered flights to destinations all over the world. Financial constrains led both airlines to cut routes, ultimately leaving New York City as their only regular destination.

    Concorde operations were finally ceased by Air France in May 2003 and by British Airways in October 2003.

    Because of monopoly, its ability to save time and reach people around the world made this airline to enjoy services for 27 years until October 24, 2003 when it retired its services.

    After the accident which took place 2000, the business was affected across the France, Britain and America.

    The fatal accident happened killing passengers who were traveling on a flight to New York’s John F Kennedy Airport to London Heathrow.

    Despite of very high maintenance costs and expensive air tickets, the giant supersonic commercial jet still holds the record in the history of being the fastest flight of its kind to cross Atlantic Ocean with shortest time possible.

    While commercial jets use average of eight hours to fly from New York to Paris, supersonic commercial jet took approximately 3.5 hours to cross the Atlantic waters.

    Since Concorde aircraft company got discontinued, there has been multiple of air crashes around the world. Boeing company, the largest aerospace and leading American manufacture of 737,747,767,77 and 787 families of airplanes which have experienced air crash still operational. Though there have been speculations about its closure after it was announced unsafe.

    Other Mysterious airplane accidents

    On 8 march 2014, Malaysian airline flight 370 which was flying from Kuala Lumpur International airport to Beijing strangely disappeared with 12 crew and 227 passengers believed to be dead.

    Ethiopian Airlines

    The plane lost contact with air traffic control (ATC) radar 38 minutes after takeoff.The search for the missing Malaysian Airline became the most costly in aviation history.

    Ethiopian airlines flight 302, a Boeing 737 MAX, flying 157 passengers from Addis Ababa Bole International airport in Ethiopia to Jomo Kenyatta international Airport in Kenya, crashed and killed all passengers on board on 10th march 2019 in Tulu Fara village.


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