The Move 26: Dance group keeps young people engaged during covid

John Gitonga aka Jonte is one of the many Kenyan youths who have embraced online platforms not only to showcase his dancing talent but provide a platform to nurture young and upcoming dancers.

John who is also a music a producer enjoys dancing to relax and as a form of exercise.

He has managed to start up a group the Move 26, a group of young energetic dancers who come together to grow their talents and have a good time together.

“When my dad heard about my idea of a dance studio, he bought the equipment and rented a venue for me and Carlos, my dad has been very supportive,” said John.

Over the course of one year, the Move 26 has acquired a wide online following on their social media platforms like YouTube with 50.9k subscribers, Instagram with 4.3k followers and Tiktok.

The online platform has made it effortless for content creators to share their work and even reach a wider audience especially when COVID-19 restrictions meant not crowd or audience to enjoy the breath taking moves.

According to John. online platforms have emerged as a better way for anyone to make extra money through paid advertisements.

Baze powered by tech giant Safaricom has been launched offering a platform for new and existing content creators.

The group started back in 2020 at a time when the pandemic had taken a toll on most people. The Move 26 was founded by Jonte together with Carlos popularly known as Flirty Carlos by his fans.

They begun by offering training at the Methodist Resort and Conference Center in Lavington before moving to YMCA in Nairobi.

A session goes for 300/= per person and each session can accommodate at least thirty participants. The energy in each session is electric and very infectious.

The group has a total of seven choreographers that alternate through every session.

“The fee allows us to be able to rent a venue and also compensate the choreographers for their work, managing a large group is overwhelming but I pull through,” he added.

The Move 26 has their own merchandise including branded t-shirts, and interacts with some of Kenyan celebrities like Kevin Mbuvi Kioko also known as Bahati who grace the live recording sessions. The group meets every Sunday to perfect their moves as well as invent new ones.

Choreographers at the Move 26 teach dance moves from across the spectrum. They cater for the beginner as well as the professional dancer.

The goal of the Move 26 is to be a family, provide a home for each and every dancer as stated by John.

“Most of these other groups are just that, groups, just strangers dancing together but at the Move 26 we take care of each other, we are a family,” said Gitonga.

It offers classes to dancers from all age groups. Teenagers and young adults are the majority in most of these sessions.

Other than the fact that dancing is good exercise, the youth are occupied and positively using their time and talents.

Platforms like the Move 26 allow an individual to be themselves and socialize with other like-minded individual.


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