The pros and cons of online dating

Your life partner may be waiting for you online.

Online Dating And The Saga Of Blind Dates | Feminism In India

Have you tried online dating yet? What was your experience like? Truth be told, trying to find a life partner can be a daunting experience. From bad dates, toxic relationships to heartbreaks, the dating process seems like WORK!

Being in the 21st century, we live our lives online and that includes our love lives too. Nowadays, you are more likely to meet couple who say, “we met online.” It is not only through the social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, but there are websites, dedicated solely to matching people up. (Try Tinder or Bumble).

Here are the pros and cons to dating online:

Pro: Dating online provides individuals with lots of access to meet people from all walks of life that they wouldn’t be able to in real life. Whatever your preference is in a partner, you are bound to find it online.

Con: The biggest con in online dating is the ‘catfish’ phenomenon. The act of catfishing is whereby a person fakes an identity for the purpose of carrying on a deceptive relationship. Behind the walls of the internet, anyone can claim to be something they’re really not; young, rich, handsome etc. You could be holding a conversation or having a whole relationship with someone who isn’t who you think they are. Some scary situations can arise from this.

Pro: You can do it from anywhere. From home, the bus, in bed or even in the bathroom. Courting has been made super easy.

Con: With the sheer numbers of people online, it can be overwhelming when it comes to making the right picks. It can be an endless and horrifying shopping experience.

Pro: Low costs. Going out on dates ends up being expensive in the long run. All the coffees, lunches, taxis rides and dinners you pay for without the guarantee of meeting a worthwhile partner seem like a waste. With online dating, you make the connection first before going out on a date.

Con: There is nothing like face to face communication; it is clear and concise. When communicating through the computer or phone, lines get crossed and information gets lost. Some communication cues such as body language that are important in forming relationships aren’t accomplished online.

Overall, online dating is simply the gateway to physical dating. Good luck in finding a satisfying online connection, and remember to stay safe.


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