The spotlight is cast on Nikita Kering

Nikita Kering sat with Shiksha Arora to indulge us in her musical passion.

19 year old Nikita Kering is one of Kenya’s fastest rising musical stars. It was inevitable that she sit down with KBC’s Shiksha Arora to talk about her musical journey, inspiration and her latest song ‘Ex’. The young lady is so confident and eloquently spoken, making it s joy to listen to her.

Here’s how it went down last night on #Easy Friday:

Did you ever expect ‘Ex’ to be that big?

50/50. I think everyone else expected it but I wasn’t sure

What was ‘Ex’ about? Was it really about your ex?

I wish! No it’s not about my ex. If I chose to write about my life I wouldn’t have any songs. it was just imagination. I think when you start to write a lot, and it becomes a hobby, it becomes easy to write about anything.

Starting at a very young age of 9 years old, did you always know that Nikita Kering is going to be a singer?

I did.. By the time I was 9 I knew that that’s what I wanted to do, It was my choice. Other than the fact that my folks pushed me to do it as well, I knew in my hear that not only was I going to sing but the name ‘Nikita Kering’ needed to become a big brand that people would associate with and love.

About your vocal training, have you gotten any sort of training? because those notes that you hit!..

I got a lot of vocal training first from the Kenya Conservatoire of Music. After that I got a private tutor who would come once in a while but I learnt how to train my voice and did it alone for quite some time.

Where do you get the inspiration for your music, in terms of emotions, experiences,? Are you an observer or do you just get a vibe and go with it?

I think it’s  it a bit of both; observing people and seeing their stories. Them talking about their own exes and their own personal experiences. But again it’s just vibing. As I was telling you, when you begin to do something a lot, it becomes much easier to manipulate the craft, make it your own and customise it to whatever you’re feeling.

Let’s talk about the awards, AFRIMA awards which you received at 17 years old. Did you see that coming?

No I didn’t’. To be honest the awards are not really what I look forward to. What I look forward to is the fact that now there are people here in Kenya who will say “at 15, there is a chance that I will win an award”. I feel that it’s just so beautiful for people to be inspired by it. My dream isn’t to collect awards but to moreso get feedback from people who are trying to get there or have gotten there letting me know how they feel I have impacted their lives. i feel like that’s the greatest reward I could ask for.

What’s one message you would want to give any young person who’s trying to break into the industry or debut into the singing world here in Kenya? What would you say to them?

I would say, patience is such an important thing, and knowing yourself helps a lot when it comes to decision-making in the industry. Understand what you really want and go for it.

Can you take me through the process of what it actually takes to come up with a song behind the scenes. When it comes to writing, sound production, vocals studio recording, how much effort goes into it?

People have no idea how much time it takes. The process is; get a melody in your head, record it in my phone, send it to my producer, he creates a track and I come and finish writing the song. That’s simply how it happens. I also try to produce myself so sometimes I go to my laptop, create and arrange harmonies and either share it with him or wait till it’s studio time. It’s not very technical, it’s more of going off of each other’s vibe. My producer Sofresh is amazing, he’s produced all my work and I’m grateful for him.

Have you ever had a situation where, your producer for instance isn’t really feeling something and your instinct is to go with it? What really happens then?

So many times! Like the battle I’m always having with SoFresh is the harmonies. Like the harmonies in ‘Ex’, he didn’t want me to add. We feed off each other and have to trust each other.

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