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Theft syndicate unearthed following shortage of drugs in Kajiado

35 people arrested, 50 illegal pharmaceutical outlets shut and 150 cartons of assorted health products and technologies seized

Board uncovers illegal pharmaceutical practices and pilferage of government stores

The Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) has unearthed a theft syndicate behind the alarming shortage of medicines in public healthcare facilities within Kajiado County.

The board launched an extensive investigation that exposed the network of individuals involved in the theft and illegal distribution of essential medicines.

“This coordinated effort was carried out in partnership with the National Police Service. These illegal entities were found to be unlicensed, dispensing medications without the necessary licenses and approvals from the Board” PPB said in a statement.

The CEO in the statement signed by Senior Inspector of Drugs Julius Kaluai said the stolen pharmaceuticals were found in unlicensed chemists, posing serious health risks to the public due to their unregulated handling and distribution.

The suspects, PPB says will face stringent penalties as per the penal code and other applicable laws.

“These medicines, intended for public use, had been illegally diverted for commercial gain. Several individuals have been arrested in connection with these illegal activities. The commodities have been confiscated for use as exhibits during prosecution” PPB says.

The sustained crackdown on illicit drugs and unlicensed pharmacies by the regulatory body has led to the arrest of 35 people, the closure of 50 illegal pharmaceutical outlets and 150 cartons of assorted health products and technologies seized.

To ensure compliance and adherence, the Board has released a list of registered pharmaceutical outlets in the country that can be accessed through its website.

“This ongoing operation reflects the unwavering commitment of the Board to protect the public from the dangers posed by illegal pharmaceutical activities. The Board strongly advises the public to exercise caution and only purchase pharmaceuticals from licensed and reputable sources” PPB advises.

Additionally, members of the public have been cautioned to be wary of chemists operating without names, as this is a key indicator of illegality, as well as unregistered medicines, which may not meet regulatory standards and could adversely affect health.

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